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In The Meantime...

Take A Look Inside Credit

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about credit from a new and relatable perspective with A Look Inside Credit. The book breaks down understanding credit, building and managing it, and how to find errors on credit reports.

It also reveals the long-awaited truth about the credit repair industry and addresses misconceptions that have been avoided for two decades, empowering you to be accountable for your own credit.

How EPL Credit Refinement
repairs your credit:

  1. You order your credit report from the 3 bureaus
  2. We review all 3 reports to find derogatory items
  3. We dispute all derogatory items on your reports
  4. We coach you on how to establish healthy credit moving forward

While enrolled in our credit refinement program,
we ask that you:

  1. Do not apply for credit unless we suggest you do so
  2. Do not attempt to dispute accounts on your own thinking it will speed up the process
  3. Work on paying down all credit card balances below 20%
  4. Do not pay off any collection accounts unless we suggest you do so
  5. Do not miss any payments
  6. Keep your credit monitoring service active
  7. Email us copies of all letters you receive that are from bureaus or collections